Southport Community Centre is home to the Brighter Living Partnership, Sefton CVS and St. Simon & St. Jude’s. The organisations/projects based at Southport Community Centre are:

  • Brighter Living Partnership including the High Park: Think Family, Think Community project
  • Breast Start
  • Connected Communities
  • Other Sefton CVS outreach activities include Buddy Up and Volunteer Centre Sefton
  • Sefton Credit Union
  • Southport Foodbank

Brighter Living Partnership

The Brighter Living Partnership is a healthy living centre and registered charity predominantly covering the Southport and Formby areas of Sefton. The Brighter Living Partnership aims to improve the health and wellbeing of people through many activities and services they run and the work they do in partnership with many other organisations across the borough of Sefton. For more information about Brighter Living please visit www.brighterliving.org.uk.

Sefton CVS

Sefton Council for Voluntary Service (CVS) is an independent registered charity with a borough-wide brief to assist and support voluntary community and faith sector (VCF) activity across the Sefton metropolitan district and neighbourhood.

Sefton CVS is an infrastructure body providing a comprehensive range of support and development services to frontline VCF groups. CVS promotes and advocates the active engagement of the VCF sector by facilitating networks, providing commentary and participation in national regional and local policy, and acting as the conduit between the sector and statutory partners and other public organisations.

For more information about Sefton CVS please go to www.seftoncvs.org.uk.

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